Bukidnon Agricultural Productivity Center (BAPC)

Barongcot, Dangcagan, Bukidnon




Total Land Area                 :  67 hectares

Elevation                             :  1,033 ft. asl

Soil Type                              :  Adtuyon Clay Loam

Topography                        :  Flat and slightly rolling

Slope                                    :  3%

Climate Type                    :  Type III

Average Rainfall               :  62 mm

Average Temperature   :  24.97 oC




1. Research & Development

- Studies on Durian Production Management


2. Grains Seed Production

- Foundation and Registered Seeds (palay and OPV corn)


3.  Plant Material Production

- Asexual Propagation of Various Fruit Trees (mango, rambutan, durian and lanzones)

- Regional Rubber Clonal Budwood Garden for supply of Budsticks to Rubber Nurseries

- Production and Distribution of Sweet Potato Cuttings and Peanut Seeds


4. Livestock Development

- Production and Distribution of Assorted Forage and Pasture Grasses

- Production of Breeder Stock of Goats (Anglo-Nubian and Boer) as Nucleus and Multiplier Farm for Small Ruminants in Region 10