Claveria Experiment Station (CES)

Lanise, Claveria, Misamis Oriental

Total Land Area                                 :  76.46 hectares

Elevation                                            :  3,020 ft. asl

Soil Type                                             :  Jasaan Clay

Soil pH                                                  :  4.8 – 5.6

Topography                                       :  2-5% slope (35 has.); 15-20% (41.46  has.)

Climate Type                                      :  Type IV

Average Rainfall                               :  3,262 mm/ yr.

Average Temperature                   :  15-30 oC





1.  Research and Development

– Technology demonstration on vegetable production in contour farm

– Upland rice production in cool elevated area

– Highland fruits


2. Technology Commercialization on:

– Young corn

– High value vegetables

– Sweet potato


3. Production Support

– Upland rice and vegetable seed production

– Budded citrus and anthurium planting materials

– Sheep Multiplier Farm


4.  Extension Support

–  Field Days and Technology Forum

– Technical Assistance to farmers/ field trippers

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