Regional Crop Protection Center (RCPC)

Bangcud, Malaybalay City




Total Land Area                 :  3.10 has.

Elevation                             : 850 ft. a.s.l.

Ecozone                               : Upland, plain

Soil type                               : Adtuyon clay loam

Climate type                      : Type III

Average rainfall                                : 2,490.7 mm.

Average temperature    : 23.8 oC



1.  Conduct of Researches

– Entomophagous Arthropods

– Botanical Control

– Microbial Control


2. Production of Biological Control Agents

– Trichogramma production (egg parasitoid)

– T. evanescens (against corn borer)

– T. japonicum (against rice stem borer)

– T. chilonis (against tomato fruitworm and corn earworm)

– Diadegma semiclusum production (larval parasitoid)

– Metarrhizium anisopliae production (Green Muscardine Fungus) against rice black bug


3.  Pest Monitoring and Surveillance (in coordination with LGUs)

4.  Other activities

– Trainings

– Pest and Diseases Clinic

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