Diseases Mgt in Cassava Corn

Fortifying measures to curtail the occurrence of pests and diseases in their grown crops, the Department of Agriculture – Regional Field Office 10 (DA-RFO 10) staged a Briefing on the Management of Pests and Diseases in Cassava and Corn on February 6-7, 2018, here in the city of Cagayan de Oro. Attended by about 120 cassava and corn farmers from barangays Bayanga, Mambuaya, Lumbia, Pagaluyan, Upper Puerto, Tablon, FS Catanico, Balubal, Indahag, Cugman, Bugo and Agusan, the activity geared towards enhancing the knowledge and skills of the group on the identification and management of pests and diseases in cassava and corn, and the use of biocontrol agents, as well. This was purposely done so that farmers can make the proper control measures before serious damages may arise, especially so the economic importance of the said crops in Region 10. To control the occurrence of pests and diseases, Dr. Luz I. Guzman, senior science research specialist of the Regional Crop Protection Center of DA-10, generally recommended the use of clean and healthy planting materials, proper sanitation, observation of quarantine measures and the application of micronutrients. All these, she said is to avoid introducing pests and diseases in their respective farms, and to boost their crops’ resistance to pests and diseases. Further, she underscored the significance of beneficial living organisms in plant, as they also help regulate the population of pests.

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