breeder-house snail
 largerscale-breeder-house larger-breeder-house
(Clockwise) Proposed designs for the breeder house, ready to lay house, snail (kuhol) growing farm and large-scale breeder house for the Duck-Powered Livelihood Program of PLGU MisOr.



In the province, according to Governor Yevgeny Vincente “Bambi” Emano, unemployment accounted to 50,158. Malnourished school children accounted to 5,325 and 70% of the 58,040 households who are considered poor in the province are farmers. Thus, to address these pressing issues, the Provincial Local Government of Misamis Oriental collaborated with the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office 10 (DA-RFO 10) through the Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD) in proposing the Duck-Powered Livelihood Program through an Investment Forum recently held in the city.


“This forum is envisioned to increase agribusiness investments and help in creating employment and improve the quality of life of the poor families/farmers in the province. Hence, you were asked to attend this forum to see the potential this program can offer and to ask for your possible commitments and support to grant aid/credit to worthy beneficiaries,” said Gov. Emano as the main presenter of the said forum.


He further introduced the wide variety of business-generating by-products of duck production: namely, the Breeder Farm Enterprise, Hatchery Enterprise, Ready-to-lay (RTL) Enterprise Balut Selling, Integrated Rice-Duck Farming System (IRDFS) and the Snail (Kuhol) Culture.


Through these, he said, there will be an increase in the organic rice yield from 4.2 metric tons/hectare/cropping to a target of 5.5 mt/ha./cropping, duck egg production to 111,375,000 pcs. in 3 years and lastly, an increase in investment in agriculture from private sector & government sector by P115,775 in 3 years.


Market Potential

Gov. Emano explained that the total current demand of 900,000 duck eggs in Mindanao, 683,000 of which are supplied by Manila thus, only 32.9% or 225,000 duck eggs are supplied by the local producers. Hence, the PLGU MisOr has seen the great need to increase production through this livelihood program, not just to help improve household income, but especially to cater the demands of the local market and further expand to the international market in the face of AEC integration.


“[Further,] by pushing Natural Farming Technology System (NFTS) in duck production, it will not just become a big potential on high earning business venture, but ducks and its end products are generally healthier than that of chickens,” Gov. Emano further explained.


Moreover, he also guaranteed that future problems on marketing duck eggs will be addressed by PLGU of MisOr by buying their egg produce and to use it for a feeding program (Arrozcalduck) to malnourished school kids in the province. “Hence, nothing will go to waste,” he said.


DA assures technical support

With the great potential seen in the poultry production in the region and its local and international demand, Mr. Allan P. Bacho Bacho, Chief of the Investment Section said that DA will support the PLGU of MisOr in terms of Technical assistance such as trainings & seminars, Investment & Enterprise Development such as investment forums & entrepreneurial seminars, Credit Linkage/Financing, Tariff free importation of agricultural inputs & machinery (EO 376) and Organic & GAHP Certification Subsidy for the possible beneficiaries of the said Duck-Powered Livelihood Program of the province.


This, according to him, will not only improve household income but also for our region to maintain self-sufficiency in terms of duck production and its by-products.


Looking Ahead

In the hopes to create employment and livelihood opportunities for resource poor households through Duck and Organic Rice Value Chain Development, the program specifically targets to increase household income by 40%, reduce unemployment by 9%, reduce poverty incidence by 8% and reduce malnutrition by 60%. Thus, the proposed investment requirement in 3 Years for the target 4,375 household is P115.775 M.


“This is just the beginning of the many meetings we need to organize in order for this to materialize. This would be made possible with the full support of the national agencies such as DSWD, DOLE, DOST and most of all, DA in coordination with the credit and financing linkage that the coops can offer as well as our government banks. Lastly, with the enthusiasm of the private sector to make this livelihood program a successful one,” concluded Gov. Emano.


The said forum gathered the Municipal Agriculture Officers (MAOs), regional offices of national agencies, financing institutions, multi-purpose cooperatives and private sectors. #(Charisse P. Salarda DA RAFIS 10)

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