Irrigators Associations (IAs) in Bukidnon and Lanao del Norte are benefitting from a partnership project of the Department of Agriculture, National Irrigation Administration (NIA), National Food Authority (NFA), the local government units  (LGUs) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development-European Government (IFAD-EU).


Recently, the IFAD team headed by the new Country Programme Manager, Mr. Youquiong Wang visited Region 10 to see various irrigators associations in Bukidnon as well as to assess IRPEP projects.


The Irrigated Rice Production Enhancement Project (IRPEP) objective is to improve productivity and production of irrigated paddy on selected communal irrigation systems covering only Regions 8 and 10 with a total area of about 5,000 hectares in 3 years.  IRPEP has 5 components: the strengthening of irrigators association; irrigation and rural infra; provision of production inputs and related support services; marketing and development; and monitoring, evaluation and program management.


NIA is the lead agency in the implementation of the project and is responsible for strengthening the irrigators associations for both organizational and operational management on the rehabilitation of communal irrigation system in collaboration with the DA RFU, ATI, NFA, and the beneficiary  LGUs and the concerned IAs.


The project also includes upgrading of existing NFA warehouses in support to certified seed buffer stocking undertaken by DA RFUs.


On the other hand, needed extension activities in improving agricultural productivity will be provided by the ATI including among others the Farmers Field School (FFS) and Training of Trainors  (TOT) for LGUs and the farmers.

The social responsibilities  of the San Juan Impasug-ong La Fortuna Irrigators Association (SILFIA) in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon  give positive impression to the group wherein men and women are equally given opportunities to participate in the organization’s activities and decision making.  Moreso, women empowerment is  practiced since often times they attend meetings while their  men were  out tending their farms.  In the process, women are exposed to community interaction and decision making.

The visiting team members are IFAD Programme Manager, Mr. Youquiong Wang new Country Program Manager; Mr. Michael Rayner, Consultant; Yolando C. Arban, IFAD Country Program Officer, mission team leader.  # ADECERSonia

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