“For the meantime, Region 10 is African Swine Fever (ASF) free”, confirms OIC Regional Executive Director Carlene C. Collado of the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office 10.

However, the region is facing the threat of ASF which will greatly affect the hog industry given with the outbreaks in neighboring Mindanao regions (regions 11 and 12).

In 2018, Region 10 ranks 3rd nationwide with a hog production volume of 196,623 metric tons.

For this, the task force chaired by RED Collado approved four resolutions endorsed by the Regional Advisory Committee for Animal Diseases, Control and Emergency (RAC ADCE) of Region 10.

The resolution comprises the request for Armed Forces of the Philippines/Philippine National Police to deploy staff in the priority identified entry points in five provinces of Northern Mindanao for its 24-hour operation.

Aside from the uniformed personnel, request includes the local government executives to augment personnel to be stationed at each identified entry points in the region.

In keeping Northern Mindanao ASF free, proposed interventions and measures were taken requesting the DA to provide stand-by indemnification funds; additional requirements for border protect –air and sea ports, and sniffing dogs for use by the BAI-NVQS in Northern Mindanao.

The move of the DA has been supported by the inter-agency members, hog industry players in the prevention and control of ASF entry in the region.

Immediate financial support was given by Gingoog City Vice Mayor Peter Unabia, who is also a hog raiser to NORMINHOG thru its President, Mr. Leon Tan for the purchase of ASF reagents.#(ATCabig)