In a recent meeting, 3rd district Bukidnon Representative Manuel F. Zubiri discussed with DA-RFO 10 executive Carlene C. Collado, as he sought help from the agri department to address the clamor of corn farmers to better command prices for their produce.

To collectively aid farmers in said district, it was agreed that farmer-leaders, processors, feed millers and cooperatives will be brought in together to a stakeholders meeting early October, this year, to be held in one of the department’s research stations in Dangcagan, Bukidnon.

The move is part to apprise said stakeholders with the demand, requirements, buying price, among other concerns on corn.

Other than pursuing such initiative to address the prevailing buying price of corn, Rep. Zubiri requested assistance on how to establish a corn grains complex, to aid in stabilizing market prices for corn in a long-term basis in said province. #