TrunklineNumber: (088) 856-2753 to 55;
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CARLENE C. COLLADO, CPA Director IV Regional Executive Director 1035
CARLOTA S. MADRIAGA Director III Regional Technical Director for Operations 1023
CORA A. DUMAYACA Director III Regional Technical Director for Research and Regulations 1023
PATRICK IAN F. PEDARSE Chief Administrative Officer Chief, Administrative and Finance Division 1050
EDUARDO N. PIT Chief Agriculturist Chief, Field Operations Division 1033
LUZ I. GUZMAN Development Management Officer V Chief, Regulatory Division 1018
LORENA V. DUNA Chief Science Research Specialist Chief, Research Division 1038
LANA MAY S. RACINES Project Evaluation Officer III OIC, Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Division 1045
LARRY E. PARALUMAN Chief Agriculturist Chief, Agribusiness, and Marketing Assistance Division 1004
ALANITA A. JUMALON, DVM Veterinarian IV Chief, Integrated Laboratories Division 1008
DELIZA T. CAMARO Engineer V Chief, Regional Agricultural Engineering Division 1039