In Maramag town, DA-10 and CMU conduct the hybrid rice derby harvest festival, to showcase the best featured rice varieties of participating seed companies.


MUSUAN, MARAMAG, BUKIDNON – To increase rice productivity in attaining rice sufficiency, the agriculture department in Northern Mindanao (DA-10) and Central Mindanao University (CMU) conducted the hybrid rice derby harvest festival in said town.

On Friday, DA-10 Regional Executive Director Carlene C. Collado said, “we are confronted with the dipping buying prices of palay, this hybrid rice derby is one of the answers to this challenge.”

Collado conveyed, in his message, during the program with seven participating seed companies, SL Agritech, Bayer, Long Ping, Sygenta, Seedworks, Ramgo, and Bioseed.

Each seed company was allocated five hectares planted with their most leading varieties, using their own cultural practice protocol.

The remaining five hectares were utilized for the one common protocol for all cultural practices, which were adopted to all entry varieties.

“Through this harvest festival, we will be able to come up with the result to further recommend to our farmers the best variety to use,” Collado added.

DA-10 partnered with CMU for the 27-hectare hybrid rice derby which aims to increase national agri-fishery output through intensified use of quality seeds, appropriate inputs and modern technologies to increase levels of productivity, availability, accessibility, and affordability amidst the threat of COVID-19 pandemic.

“We target to contribute in increasing the 87 percent rice sufficiency level of the country, including the farm mechanization rate of 2.31 horsepower per hectare,” Collado said.

Region 10 targeted for 94 percent sufficiency level, a 12 percent increase from its preceding year target with various mitigating programs implemented to boost rice production.

DA’s Rice Resiliency Project (RRP), a quick response measure that addresses food security concerns amid the pandemic, focuses to intensify the campaign for the adoption of hybrid rice technology among local farmers, which intends to produce more rice to increase rice sufficiency level.

Philippine Statistics Authority bared the region’s first semester palay production at 1.11 percent, both for rainfed and irrigated.

“We are DA’s partner in the development of enhancing food production in feeding the people,” CMU President Jesus Antonio G. Derije said.

CMU will continue to improve their production and the whole area will be utilized with DA’s partnership and the seed companies.

The hybrid rice derby harvest festival is fitting for this month’s celebration of National Rice Awareness Month, focusing on being Riceponsible. Highlighting on the theme, Grow local. Buy local. Eat local. Support our rice farmers. #(ATCabig)