DA-10 and LGU Claveria convene with its Korean partners, as they target for the upgrading of the CPC in barangay Malagana.


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – The Department of Agriculture – Northern Mindanao (DA-10) through Regional Executive Director Carlene C. Collado and the local government of Claveria, Misamis Oriental, convened with its Korean partners, as they eye for the improvement of the corn processing complex (CPC) in barangay Malagana.

A rural development project funded by the Korean (P37.8-million) and Philippine (P26.06-M) governments, the facility comprising a warehouse, and production and postharvest equipment, among others, was completed in 2013.

Since then, it has helped corn farmers in the locality to produce quality grains and to reduce postharvest losses, overall enabling them to command better prices for their produce and earn decent incomes.

Particularly, the recent coordination stemmed from LGU Claveria’s request for the provision of experts to conduct an inspection of the CPC from the Korea Rural Community, Corp. (KRCC) thru the assistance of DA-10, in order to assess the facility and identify which portions warrant replacement, repair and/or maintenance.

To this end, a delegation was sent led by Jeong Min Ryu of KRCC and experts from the corn processing machine manufacturer, SH Dryer – Kyoungsub Choi and Philip Briston (Phl branch).

Citing the CPC’s vital role in catering to the drying needs of corn farmers, Rolando M. Alfanta, municipal engineer of LGU Claveria reported, that their office has set aside P7-M for the upkeep of the complex amid challenges in the availability of experts and some spare parts for its repair and maintenance.

He added that they have done modifications to the facility for a more localized setting, paving the way to easier pursue repair and maintenance works.

Agreeing to the value of the corn processing machine, Claveria mayor Meraluna S. Abrogar said, that it greatly aids farmers, as it can accommodate the drying of corn [in cobs] from 10 hectares with an average of 10 tons per hectare within a three-day interval.

With Claveria town devoting approximately 10,000 hectares of land to corn farming, the local chief executive even clamored for the expansion of the facility.

Given the limited budget, however, to work on the implementation of future development assistance to the municipality, Ms. Ryu asked the concerned office to prioritize items for fund assistance.

LGU Claveria presented its P11.8-M worth proposal, comprising the 30×10.8-meter building extension (P4.8-M); repair of the existing building (P1-M); and the provision of agricultural equipment support facility (P6-M). Of which, the amount excludes for improvement of the existing corn drying facility from SH Dryer.

The Korean team leader responded, that by next week, she will be relaying the results of the site visit and coordination meeting, and further laid down to the body the timelines for the potential project grant to LGU Claveria, in which the bidding process will likely start in August and for implementation towards the end of the year.

As it is midyear, DA-10 through Regional Technical Director for Operations Carlota S. Madriaga committed for the agency to cover for the maintenance and other operating expenses and provide technical assistance for the upcoming convergence project for Claveria town.

The agri official further recommended for LGU Claveria to explore in shouldering the duties and taxes, and demurrage fees, on top of providing the land area and manpower for their proposed project as their counterpart.

Reportedly, Claveria farmers are paying P1.50 per kilo (dried kernels) as a drying fee for the use of the CPC, but is still subject to changes in view of the increasing prices of fuel products. # (JLO)