DA-PRDP 10 conducts a RAEB for the FMR project in Tudela, Misamis Occidental


TUDELA, MISAMIS OCCIDENTAL – With the aim of ensuring maximum benefits for the beneficiaries, the Department of Agriculture – Philippine Rural Development Project 10 (DA-PRDP 10), together with the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Division of DA-10, conducted a Rapid Appraisal for Emerging Benefits (RAEB) for the 13.34km Maikay – Cahayag – Buenavista Farm to Market Road (FMR).

DA-RFO 10 Regional Executive Director and PRDP 10 Project Director Carlene C. Collado said, that RAEB is implemented to determine the impact and success brought about by the subprojects of DA-PRDP to its beneficiaries.

RAEB aims to validate the success of subproject benefits and determine other socio-economic benefits emerging in the community.

It further assesses the ongoing and future efforts of LGUs and other stakeholders supporting the subproject with the use of various assessment tools such as Key Informant Interviews (KII), Focused Group Discussions (FGD), Household Interviews (HH) and Spot Interviews (SI).

Gleen Japay of barangay Maikay shared, “Before, when we deliver our goods to the town proper, we pay a peso or two for every kilo of our produce, which sometimes reached Php 300 and it would take us an hour to reach the market.”

With the new road, he happily shared that it takes only 15 minutes to reach the market in delivering their produce, since they were able to buy their own motorcycle.

“We have saved a lot from hauling and delivery fees because of the road,” he added.

The Maikay – Cahayag – Buenavista FMR with a total project cost of Php 128,739,916.70 was officially turned over to the municipality on November 26, 2020, which has served around 1,544 beneficiaries which include farmers of coconut, abaca, banana, cacao, cassava, among others. #