In support to the region’s swine recovery and repopulation program, DA thru USec Medrano and RED Collado in partnership with CMU headed by Dr. Derije, lead the groundbreaking ceremony for the establishment of a Swine Multiplier Farm in Musuan, Maramag, Bukidnon.


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – To aid Northern Mindanao’s swine recovery and repopulation program, the Department of Agriculture-10 (DA-10) in partnership with Central Mindanao University (CMU) break ground for the Swine Multiplier Farm in Musuan, Maramag, Bukidnon on March 9, 2022.

DA Undersecretary for Livestock William C. Medrano, PhD with DA-10 Regional Executive Director Carlene C. Collado and CMU President Jesus Antonio G. Derije, DVM led the ceremony of the P1.4 million project comprising of 1 unit 10-sow level pig pen (with a ratio of 1 male to 10 female highbred cross hogs), 1 unit feed mixer and agri-supplies (feeds, drugs, and biologics).

The project is part of the Integrated National Swine Production Initiatives for Recovery and Expansion (INSPIRE) of the National Livestock Program which is intended to speed up the recovery of the hog sector and ensure the availability, accessibility, and affordability of pork and pork products.

“CMU being the recipient of the project will set aside 40 percent of the produced weanlings, and repay DA within three years to start 3 months after the completed delivery of the procured breeding stocks,” said Director Collado.

He added that its weanlings will then be used as sentinel animals or as breeding stocks for the additional Swine Multiplier projects in the region.

Sentinel pigs are the initial contingent of pigs sent to repopulate African Swine Fever (ASF)-affected areas.

DA-10 Livestock Program Focal Maria Lourdes M. Sypiecco explained, that the project can be implemented in areas where ASF is not present but adjacent to an infected zone or previously infected but the virus has not been detected for at least 90 days and has recovered from infected status.

Since December 2021, DA-10 has implemented two swine multiplier farm projects at DA-10’s Research Center for Upland Development in Dangcagan, Bukidnon, and Northwestern Mindanao State College of Science and Technology in Tangub City.#(EMBentulan)